Sahara Black Marble is from Tunisia, from the area of Jebel Aziz Mountains. It is one of the new black marble in the stone business. As Turkey is very close to Tunisia, many Turkish marble factories that have full high-technology production lines have started processing it. This means Turkey is the best address for the best quality.

It is particularly used for interior wall and flooring applications, stairs and risers,  countertops, mosaics, welcoming areas of hotels and bars, bathrooms, and many other architectural designs.








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About Sahara Black Marble

Sahara Black Marble can be considered as a new product in the stone business. It is a really attractive material. In a short period, it has become one of the famous black marble worldwide. Process of raw blocks into slabs and tiles are generally made in firstly Turkey, and then Italy, Spain, and China. For the finished products, Turkey is the right address in terms of logistics, import tax, and competitive hight quality production costs. Because it is required professional treatment. 

Sahara Black Marble is able to be used both on floor and wall for interior works. as Enkamar Stone, we do not suggest this product exterior. Thickness can be 20mm and 30mm. What is more, according to special projects, as Enkamar Stone, we can make products for bigger thickness. Standard sizes are 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 400x800mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 2cm slabs, 3cm Slabs, 3cm treads and 2cm riser. However, if your project needs special sizes, we can easily do it for you. Please note that it looks amazing on the floor in big sizes like 600x600mm or 800x800mm. The most important points are raw block quality and then process technology in the factory.

We would like to also say you that you can also prefer Sahara Black Marble for kitchen or vanity tops. It looks super luxurious and fancy.

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Sahara Black is one of the well-known Tunisian Marble in the stone business. From private villa projects to big hotel or mall projects, It is one of the most preferred materials nowadays. We highly suggest you use it in your projects together with cream color marbles such as Burdur Beige, Ottoman Beige, Turkish Crema Nuova for which you may also get a quotation from us. 

As Enkamar Stone, we are supplying Sahara Black as "raw block", "slab", "tile" and "cut to size" according to your requirements. Please feel free contact to us for more information. Our biggest advantage is to have a very strong relation with Tunisia. Every year, a minimum of 10 times, we are traveling to Tunisia. We know the market very well. We know how to select raw blocks there. 


As Enkamar Stone, we know that your time is very important for you. And without doubt, to find the best Noir "Aziza" with the best price is the main subject in your project budget. On the other hand, there are many companies in Turkey, Italy, and Spain that are offering this Tunisian Black Marble. What is more, the production quality is the most important subject for this product. And Sahara Black generally needs professional epoxy applying during production on both sides. It is quite necessary to apply epoxy to raw blocks in "vacuum epoxy system" before cutting them.

As Enkamar Stone, as your stone solution partner, we are here. Because we know this product very well. We know the Tunisian market very well.  We travel there many times. We can select the best blocks for your project. Then we bring the blocks to Turkey and make super high technology treatment. Please note that we can also supply this product as raw block directly from Tunisia.

We would like to inform you that Sahara Black is one of the products that we have huge experience of supply to all over the world. We are lots of done projects and regular clients. Please contact us to get more information.