Turkish onyxes quarried in the various cities of Turkey are rather well-known in the natural stone business. 


In all history of the natural stone business, there was always Turkey in the picture with more than 4000 years of experience. A big part of the natural stone reserve of the world is in Turkey and onyx is one of them. From west to east of Turkey, there are many onyx quarries in various cities such as Manisa, Bursa, Bilecik, Balikesir, Kütahya, Eskisehir, Kirsehir, Bayburt, Agri...


You can find many different onyx choices in Turkey with high quality and the best prices. Let's check our onyx collection below. 

How to Use Turkish Onyx in Your Projects?

​First of all, we can say that onyx is not cheap material. Every onyx option is unique and rare in nature. Production of it is not also easy. It is required much attention during the quarry production and during the slab or tile production in the factory. From the mountain to your house, processes of onyx production need special care.


Applying onyx in the projects brings an elegant view and luxurious touch to the places. It makes the places different! As a reason for this, onyx is one of the favorite stone of architects and home designers. 


We would like to give you several ideas below about how to use onyx in your projects. Please after reading the text, have a look at our photo gallery. 


You can use onyx on flooring for special areas with a white-light behind. As you know, onyxes transmit the lights. 

Onyx is the best option for your special wall cladding. You may install it on one of your walls in the house to create an amazing view in your design plan. It looks like a Picasso table on the wall with a lighting setup behind. 

You can use it on the welcoming wall of your hotel, restaurant, luxury residence, and villa.

You can cover all your bathing area with onyx for a top luxury shower. 

You can cover your bar counter with an attractive onyx product to give a nice view service to your clients. 

You can cover your bed with a fancy onyx stone to reach the top elegant atmosphere in your bedroom.

You can use it as a countertop or vanity top to bring a stylish view to your home design. 

For a remarkable bathroom, you can prefer an onyx wash basin!

You can also use it for steps and risers, which is also an amazing idea!

There are many other options to use Turkish onyxes in your projects. It is just limited to the imagination! Please contact us now to get the best onyx slab or tile prices. We are also supplying raw blocks directly from the quarry. You can also visit us in Turkey. You are always most welcome. 

Photo Gallery For Onyx Uses